Team Will!

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We’ve had such a great time and it’s been fab to be a part of such a great team!!


Warwick CSDM cubing community: final update

Andrew Boyd: 49.31

Lewis Bova: ~2 minutes

Richie Yeung: 27.10

Alfred Wong: ~40

Matthew Lucas: 1:47

Marcus Waller: 5.02.71

Holly Holder: ~33


Holy doing a 1 hand solve

On the last day of the course, here is the final list for cubing leaderboard! – Team Leader Jo had also revealed that she is a speedcuber herself! image This is the last post from Team James. Thanks for reading! Signing off.

Team Rob Stops The Crime!

All of the groups were faced with an intense, crime stopping encryption challenge to save the Prime Minister’s daughter! Team Rob used their decryption skills to save the day and win the challenge!


Your Data Is Everywhere!

The morning session today was all about data science. Our data is everywhere! All of the groups picked a type of company or group of people and discussed what data they have and how they can use it. 

Save the day!


We we faced a big challenge this afternoon as we had to try to decode key information to save the day when imaginary hostages had been taken. By deciphering coded messages, we might just have managed to get there on time!